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Plastic draingutters


The Bato V-Gutter can be used as a drain in the ground. The V-Gutter can also be used as a discharge channel under a cultivation system. Bato recommends an inward-oriented wall of at least 25 mm (to prevent distortion of the gutter).
The Bato V-Gutter does not contain components that are harmful to the plant or environment.

- material width: 100-900 mm
- distance between creasing folds: 30/40 mm
- maximum number of creases/folds: 8 pieces
- minimum distance of the crease from the side of the plate material: 30 mm
- minimum width of material next to drainage channel: 30

Dikte materiaal
Lengte product
6GV 0,8/1,0mm 150/900mm