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Square Pot 7 Litre

The Bato 7 Litre Square Pot Light and Heavy is the smaller version of the 10 litre and suitable for various crops, such as raspberries. The pot has a complete grid floor for optimal drainage, preventing wet(ter) spots in the substrate. Additional drain holes on the side are possible, for extra drainage. The pot has 4 high, openwork legs at the corners.

The opening makes it possible to place a plastic drainage gutter under the pot to collect the drainwater. Because of the high legs there is plenty of space between the bottom of the pot and the ground, reducing the chance of disease.

When repotting from a 4.7 to 7 litre pot, the root ball fits exactly into the 7 litre. This means that only substrate needs to be replenished underneath. Also, there is no space between the root ball and the side of the pot. This results in labour savings.

The pot is also available with a narrow edge (wide edge is standard), so that exactly 5 pots per square meter can be placed.

Bovenmaat Bodemmaat Hoogte Inhoud Stuks per pallet Palletmaat
6VP07 21x2x21,2 16,5x16,5 25,6 7 L 1.740 120x100