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Square Pot 3.2 Litre

The Bato 3.2 Litre Square Pot was developed for the cultivation of berries and raspberries. The raised legs prevent root growth towards the soil or the ground cover. The pot is available in biodegradable material.

Thanks to the 8 openings, the pot has optimal drainage. These drainage openings are provided with a grid, so there is no substrate leaching.

The dimensions of the pot combined with these unique drainage openings facilitate optimal air/water management. The pot is suitable for mechanical processing and is easy to unstack. In addition, the pot can be steam-cleaned, under certain conditions, and is therefore suitable for years of use.

Bovenmaat Bodemmaat Hoogte Inhoud Stuks per pallet Palletmaat BIO
6VP032 14x14 11,2x11,2 21,8 3,2 L 3.640 120x100