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Plastic draingutters


The Bato Mega-Gutter is a watertight and environmentally-friendly solution for collecting and recirculating drain-water and is suitable for any installation with substrate mats, substrate troughs or substrate buckets. The gutter has a flat bottom and two upright sides.

The mega-gutter is available in various sizes, lengths, accessories and is processed according to your wishes, folded on row lengths (or multiples) and rolled up. The maximum roll length depends on the drain hole dimensions in combination with thickness of material.

- gutter width: min. 120 mm and max. 680 mm
- material width: min. 120 mm and max. 780 mm
- does not contain components that are harmful to plants or the environment.

Dikte materiaal
Lengte product
6GM 0,8/1,0mm 150/900mm