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Bato Clip 15 - 25 mm

The Bato Clips make twisting in the plants unnecessary: the clip ensures optimal training of the crop and has a perfect closure. The growth of the plant is not hindered. In other words: higher production and better quality. Furthermore, the clip is simple and efficient in use. Available sizes: 15 mm, 22 mm, 23 mm and 25 mm.

Clip 15 mm: also available in biodegradable material.

Clip 22 and 25 mm: also available in certified compostable material.

Tip: Regular clipping onto twine with a thickness of 1,000 meter per kg gives the best result.

Diameter Stuks per doos Doosformaat Dozen per pallet Palletmaat BIO 
15mm 14.000 60x40x48,5 20 120x100
6CL22 22mm 10.000 60x40x48,5 20 120x100
23mm 10.500 60x40x48,5 20 120x100
6CL25 25mm 9.000 60x40x48,5 20 120x100